Is Yellow Tinge in grey hair a problem for you? (hair salon 10012)


For those who have silver or grey hair, you might notice that they have a slight yellow tinge to them. But what makes grey or white hair to turn yellow?  According to experts, grey hair turns yellow due to age-related pigment change. But that’s not all; it can also be due to various external influences like foreign materials picked up from water from the shower or swimming pools or pollutants in the air. Smoking too can cause both the hair and fingernails to yellow. Yellowing can also be due to residues from shampoos or other hair care products. Some people dye their hair to get rid of the yellow tinge but if you are looking for a natural alternative that will let you keep your original silver or grey colour without the yellow tinge, there is a way.(hair salon 10012)

Ever heard of purple betony, wood betony, bishopwort, or bishop’s wort? It’s actually a flower which many herbalists say contains a lot of benefits.(hair salon 10012)

Betony flowers.
Boil Betony flowers and its leaves to make a hair colouring tea.

In the olden days, Betony was said to be effective against sorcery and was even planted in yards to prevent activity by ghosts. An old Welsh tip says Betony can help prevent dreaming if you hang it around your neck. But what about hair colouring? (hair salon 10012)

If you can find fresh purple Betony, you can make a tea with hot water. Let the flowers steep in the water until the desired colour is obtained. The more concentrated the infusion, the stronger the purple colour. If you can’t find fresh ones, some shops sell Betony tea online which you can use to make a hair colouring brew. (hair salon 10012)

According to Harmony Green, this mix may take a few applications to work but once it’s affected the hair, stop using it until the yellowing returns. If you use this day after day, there can be a bluing effect. Like all yellow removers, this can turn the hair blue over long term use. Use with care and only use it until the yellow is gone. And only use it if the yellowing returns. (hair salon 10012)

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