Biotin’s uses are not just limited to hair and nails…! (barbershop 10012)


When I was in college all the girls in my dorm and I were obsessed with taking biotin supplements. They were supposed to make your hair grow faster and thicker and make your skin and nails healthier. Basically everything 18-22 year old girls could want. (barbershop 10012)

I’m a little past my college years, but I still take a daily biotin supplement. It’s not just about my hair, skin and nails anymore… though those perks definitely don’t discourage me. It’s about more serious health benefits now. (barbershop 10012)

Here are four big reasons I’ve kept biotin in my medicine cabinet: (barbershop 10012)

A faster metabolism — Biotin plays an important role in supporting metabolic function and works to help break down food, including carbohydrates, fats andNoho Biotin 10-5-2016 protein. Your metabolism is faster when consuming biotin, which is why there’s a link to biotin and accelerating weight loss. Though biotin may help you lose weight more quickly, it is still important eat a healthy diet and regularly exercise. (barbershop 10012)

Perfect cholesterol — Research has shown biotin can help reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) levels, which when too high, can lead to heart disease and stroke. (barbershop 10012)

Blood sugar busted — Biotin is very important in maintaining the blood sugar level in your body. Because biotin is responsible for disintegrating the carbohydrates in your body, it’s accountable for keeping your blood sugar at appropriate levels. If you’re suffering from diabetes or high blood sugar levels then you may especially benefit from a biotin supplement. (barbershop 10012)

Better muscles —Biotin helps in the growth and maintenance of muscle tissues and repairing these tissues in case of damage. It also ensures the proper functioning of nervous system tissues, along with optimal growth of bonemarrow. (barbershop 10012)

Biotin may be better known as vitamin B7, but it also used to be called vitamin H. If you want to take a B-vitamin complex with biotin, be aware that many of these while seemingly inexpensive, are synthetically created and not at all natural. Synthetic vitamins are not absorbed as well as naturally-sourced products. (barbershop 10012)

Where can you get it if not in a supplement? There’s not much in many of the common foods of the American diet, and foods with a lot of biotin belong to an eclectic group; peanuts, almonds and sweet potatoes have the most by serving, but you can also get good amounts in eggs, walnuts, salmon and onions. (barbershop 10012)

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