How to Use Tea to Help a Broken Nail!(barbershop 10012)


Don’t you just hate it when one of your nail breaks? It can happen suddenly when you just snag your nail. And, the only solution left is to cut all your nails! Well, the next time your nail breaks, just use a tea bag to fix your broken nail. Wondering how? (barbershop 10012)tea-cup-splash-1

Here’s what you need to do:

1. If you’re wearing any nail polish, take off the polish from that broken nail. (barbershop 10012)


2. Now, cut a tiny piece (as per the width of your nail) from a tea bag. For this hack, you would need the paper tea bags and not the fabric ones. (barbershop 10012)


3. Start by applying a clear base coat on that nail and place the tea-bag piece on the broken nail. It should cover half your nail. (barbershop 10012)


4. Once dry, apply another base coat on this—making the paper look translucent. Now, you can easily apply the nail polish on this fixed nail. (barbershop 10012)

And that’s how a tea bag can be your new beauty saviour! (barbershop 10012)

(barbershop 10012)

(barbershop 10012)




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