You’ve had about 5 minutes to yourself today, and you’re certain as hell not utilizing them to do your hair. Be that as it may, that doesn’t mean your new-mother chaotic bun is something you appreciate taking a gander at in the mirror. Without a doubt, it’s “simply hair,” yet despite everything you need to look like yourself (despite the fact that you don’t have room schedule-wise). Since you’d preferably be mommying than doing pretty much whatever else, you have to look at these simple hair traps that will improve your morning schedule without giving up your style.(Blow Dry in NoHo NYC)

1.Dry shampoo is your friend. If “eww, gross” comes to mind when you read the words “dry shampoo,” think again. This formerly flaky product has come a long way. There are plenty of brands out there, and they can make your hair look, smell, and feel like you just washed it — without all that time in the shower. Yay!(Blow Dry in NoHo NYC)

2. Braid your hair before bed. Your baby is finally asleep, so now it’s your time to… well, to go to sleep too. Before you slip into bed, you treat yourself to a super-relaxing, conditioning-mask-filled shower. But instead of spending the next hour drying your hair and styling it before bed (just to wake up with a kind of crazy ‘do), lightly towel the excess water off until it’s only damp, braid your hair, and sleep on it. In the morning, simply un-braid and you’ll have luxe waves with almost no work.

3. Braid your bangs. Bangs are kind of your thing. But now that you’re thinking more about babies than bangs, you’ve let your fringe go. There’s not enough time right now to get to the stylist, and you have bad memories of the time you cut your own hair in middle school (those teeny-tiny one-inch bangs didn’t do it for you). Separate your hair into a low side part, and French braid your bangs along the hairline. Secure the braid on the other side with a bobby pin or blend it into a loose bun.(Blow Dry in NoHo NYC)

4. Create waves. This one works if you have naturally curly or wavy hair. Start with a texturizing spray, then wind your hair around your fingers to create 1940s-esque waves. Hold the face-framing curls for at least 10 seconds before letting them go. Cut out extra time by weaving the waves around your fingers as you hang with your tot or while you’re sitting in traffic on the way to work.

5. Twist and tie. Maybe beachy waves aren’t your thing. You’re looking for something loose that gives your straight hair bounce without attempting a curl. Towel-dry your hair at night, leaving it slightly damp. Pull your hair up into a ponytail and twist it into a topknot. Secure it with a soft hair tie or a scrunchie (yes, a scrunchie). Let it down in the morning to reveal a bouncy, lightly tousled mane.

6. Fight frizz with some baby products. You’re not feeling the frizz that’s making its way around your head. And to top it off, your usual frizz-fighting spray, cream or gel is completely gone. Sure, you’re ordering more online… But it won’t show up until at least tomorrow. Smooth that funky look away with a gentle glaze of baby lotion.(Blow Dry in NoHo NYC)

7. Use products that pull double duty. Whether you have long or short hair, a bob or shaggy waves, drying and then styling your hair takes way too much time now. Skip a step with a product that dries and styles at the same time. A hot air styling brush lets you start with a wet head and end up with a shiny, bouncy style in just about half the time.

8. Pin it. There some kind of absurdity occurring in the front of your head. Or on the other hand possibly your short style has developed out sufficiently only to give you that sort of off in the middle of look. Draw your blasts to the side and bobby stick away. This trap works particularly well for moms whose hair isn’t sufficiently long to interlace.

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